We've been doing this since the Eighties!

Yes, it's true. Since 1980 New Magic Media has been producing engaging interactive communications, and dynamic film and video for a long list of customers. We specialize in museums, visitor centers, trade shows, classroom, corporate and public outreach programs. We focus on techology, environment, natural science and cultural history. We work on a collaborative model, tailoring teams of the best production talent for each project.

Our services give us full control over turn-key production to further our client's objectives. We embrace today's technology: LCD touch screens, plasma HD displays, videowalls, Wi-Fi networks, TabletPC remote control, multiscreen projections, wired and wireless networks and remotely managed exhibits. For video and web graphics production we work in Flash, Maya, 3D Studio Max. We program in Javascript, Director Lingo, Flash Actionscript.

Jim Swenson Director
Jim Swenson

New Media Magic was started in 1980 as primarily a documentary film production unit by former CBS producer Jim Swenson. A graduate of Stanford University, Swenson has written, directed and produced literally hundreds of film and video pieces for commercial and educational national broadcast, industrial and educational video markets, visitor centers and museums throughout the world. More recently he has focused on interactive productions for museums and visitor centers. For each project, Swenson assembles teams of appropriate creative professionals from a large pool of talented writers, film makers, graphic artists, animators, programmers, web specialists and instructional designers.

Patsy Perkins Producer
Patsy Perkins
Production Manager

Production manager, research director, rights negotiator, budget honcho. In addition to making sure everything occurs on time, Patsy handles the details of day-to-day production making sure all team members are working on proper priorities and completing assigned tasks. She arranges locations and personnel for location video and still productions.

Melinda Swenson Interactive designer
Melinda Swenson
Interactive Designer / Flash Developer

It must be in the Swenson genes, because even after moving far from home, swearing off a life of computers, and majoring in International Studies, at 25 Melinda felt the tug and pursued a career in interactive design. Although it could be said that she started on this career path at age 1, playing the token child in various documentaries and doing kid voice overs for animations, the real calling came in 2004, when Melinda enrolled in a program at Portland State University to study Multimedia Design and Production. She quickly developed a knack and an excitement for Flash. Since then she has designed and developed many websites and interactives for museums and visitors centers.

Corkey Miller Cinematographer
Corky Miller

Over thirty years ago, a high school photography teacher noticed the Corky had an "eye". It took a little while but television journalism found him and within two years of an internship he was a cameraman. 2000 minute-and-a-half documentaries and thirteen years later, he began a video production career. That was 8 years ago. Originally, a news cameraman for KATU Portland and ABC Network, assignments have included ABC Nightline, PBS Lehrer Newshour, John and Caprial's Kitchen. Corky has been cameraman on many natural history documentaries and videographer on many national cable programs.

Don Wallace Animator Illustrator
Don Wallace
Illustration and Animation

For the last 30 years, Donald has worked in all areas of art. Whether animating in the traditional sense, designing for computer animation, creating cartoon characters and/or digital and traditional illustration for the movie, print, interactive and internet markets, there isn't much he hasn't experienced in his career. He has been an animator and designer in three music video productions ( Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, Brooks & Dunn ), produced and directed the animation in four CD ROM games, provided animation for dozens of corporate productions, several network programs ( Sesame Street, CBS/King of Queens, OPB ), and designed and animated hundreds of commercials. Prior to animation career Don was a professional musician accomplished in the fields of jazz and rock.

Flora Office Dog
Office dog

Though her coding skills still leave much to be desired, Flora has been a great source of entertainment, security, and support for the past 12 years. She's not afraid to voice her opinion and our clients love working with her.

  • Concept and message development
  • Research and writing
  • Interactive design, storyboards
  • Prototyping and focus testing
  • Budget and workplan preparation
  • Integration with realtime internet data
  • Film & video production, SD & HD
  • Video/audio editing and post
  • Graphic design
  • Animation 2D and 3D
  • Interactive authoring
  • Equipment specification
In-house tools
  • Betacam, Digital Betacam, DVCAM aquisition
  • 35mm/16mm film aquisition
  • Video/audio edit suites, audio narration studio
  • Video/audio edit suites, audio narration studio
  • Electronic graphic arts and animation workstations
  • DVD, VHS, DVCAM, Betacam mastering - world standards