Featured: Boise WaterShed Visitors Center
Lessons in Water

Housed in a new LEED-certified building this environmental education center stresses individual responsibility as it teaches the importance of taking care of local water resources. NMM produced nine video and interactive programs for this center.

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Other projects
  • The NEWater Visitor Center is integrated into a working plant which recycles wastewater into potable water. Working from the start on messageing and exhibit conceptual development, NMM created 14 interactive exhibits, some of which are detailed here.

  • Gippsland Watershed Museum
    Gippsland, Australia

    The Gippsland Water Factory is an innovative wastewater treatment and recycling system utilizing membrance bioreactors and reverse osmosis.

  • Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
    Vancouver, WA

    The Water Resources Education Center emphasizes the role of the citizen in water conservation and pollution prevention.