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Video Projects
  • Designed for Success

    30 minute documentary demonstrating best practices in volunteer tutor programs.

  • Living with Cancer

    30 minute patient information video.

  • Overflow! - Fixing our CSO's

    15 minute public information video about sewer infrastructure problems.

  • Water for the Future

    30 minute documantary about planning drinking water for the future.

  • Frogline

    8 minute children's video about water pollution.

  • The Builders of Timberline

    30 minute documentary for national broadcast (PBS) on original construction of Timberline,Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR.

  • Saving the Salmon

    25 minuite documentary on efforts to prevent extinction of salmon runs in Columbia River.

  • The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

    30 minute documentary of eruption of dormant volcano in Washington, USA.

  • Is Free Trade Fair Trade

    30 min documentary for national distribution, examining effects of trade policies on local communities and food supplies.